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Kyle Draper

About Kyle Draper:

Coach Kyle creates storytellers out of people who think they aren't one. He makes video feel less weird. He helps people realize they have a voice and their voice matters. He's the ultimate encourager and cheerleader as he Realtors & Lenders grow their business organically.  He talks “with” you about social media not “at” you. He does it on a level that not only makes sense but helps you believe you can do it. He uses humor and passion to help you achieve the most out of yourself.

Where to find Kyle:


KYLE DRAPER is a social media coach who shows you that the only thing you can control about social media is your commitment to keep moving forward.

The Social Media Mindset

helping Realtors and Lenders better leverage social media,

Content Compounding

You provide our team a video…we’ll turn it into multiple pieces (16-20 per month) of content to blow up your presence online!

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